User Agreement

Please read following rules carefully before you decide to sign up to play games.

You must be over 18 to be entitle for these games (Age restriction for gaming online varies from one country to another, Players should know best about the laws governing in your region, jurisdictions of your country may require players to be 18 to 21 years old before you're allowed to gamble or place bets), If you are eligible then you have your own right to play and you have to take full responsibility for your own actions.

You have to sign up before playing, anonymous users are not allowed.

Your collected personal information is not, under any circumstances, shared with any third party, organisations. All transactions with Head Or Tail Bet will be confidential. We do not keep your online account such as Liberty Reserve or Webmoney, payment will be performed automatically via the internet.

We are not liable for any lost or stolen account(s) or your account(s) will be used by someone else. Therefore your personal information must be secured, you should not let anyone knows your personal information, especially your password.

For security reason, Head Or Tail Bet will not review or provide your personal information to anyone even yourself although you can prove that you are the owner of the account. All information is automatically communicated via Email.

You should not use bad language, or being aggressive in any discussion boards, if you have any complain or suggestions please contact us via online form or email us.

Be nice to others and do not abuse our service, Head Or Tail Bet was designed to entertain gamers' community.

You should have only one account, too many accounts may result in difficulty for managing. We may delete and block any extra accounts that will not being used. Spam accounts will be also terminated without any notification.

We have the right to change, adjust these policies to be compatible with the purpose of the service without notifying players via email. Be sure that you access to this website regularly for updating any changes.

We have the right to reply or not reply players' questions without any explanations.

Violation of this Term of Service may result in damage to Head Or Tail Bet and your account will be deleted permanently without any notice and you'll lose all your right. Illegal access or threatened actions to our service will be stopped by our firewall system.

If you don't agree with this Term of Service you can either exit Head Or Tail Bet now or feel free to join us as a visitor.

Thank you for your interest.